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Out of dry shampoo? Try using a little baby powder. Or cocoa powder if you have dark hair!! Use a dry blush brush and dab on roots or sprinkle into hair, holding bottle at least six inches away from scalp. Allow the powder to absorb oils for about a minute then tousle hair and style as usual!
Did you know there is a difference between dry scalp and dandruff? Most people don't realize that-  not that you even should- but the problem with not knowing is you typically assume you have dandruff when you notice white flakes. So you grab a bottle of head and shoulders... not realizing that if you actually have dry scalp instead of dandruff you are only making the problem worse. Dandruff happens when you are over producing sebaceous oil- so the shampoo aims to 'dry it up' thus leading to a dryer scalp. So before buying a product that may only make symptoms worse check with you doctor or stylist first. But in the mean time, no matter whether you have dry scalp or dandruff, you can do a quick baking soda wash. Mix a couple of drops of water into about a cup of baking soda and in the shower scrub it into your wet scalp. Rinse and shampoo and condition as usual. This simple, cost effective treatment will help detox and clarify!
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